Knowing who your customers are is key to the success of any marketing campaign. MeetPAT lets you convert your customer database into a demographics dashboard showing you who your customers are, and  enabling the creation of custom audiences for your marketing campaigns.

Targeting your ideal customers can significantly boost conversion rates and revenue, by ensuring that your marketing efforts are directed at the individuals most likely to engage with, and purchase from, your business.

Learn Who Your Customers Are

Once you’ve uploaded your customer data we’ll enrich your information to create your Know Your Audience Dashboard with the demographics that show who your customers really are.

Upload additional custom metrics for even better insights, and learn more about the benefits of understanding your audience.

Create Custom Audiences

Once you know who your customers are, you can create custom audiences directly from your Know Your Audience dashboard, simply by selecting from the available metrics, and filtering your data. Learn more about the benefits of creating custom audiences.

Optimise Your Advertising Campaigns

Google and Meta allow you to upload your customer lists to their platforms so that you can either serve ads to them, or allow these platforms to match your data and serve ads to similar potential customers. MeetPAT lets you upload custom audiences, enhancing both the match rate, and the relevance of the campaigns you’ll run. Learn more about the benefits of how MeetPAT optimises your ad campaigns.

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