Of the many targeting options that Google provides for its ad platforms, uploading your own 1st-party customer data is one of the most powerful for accurate targeting.

This lets Google match your data with its own user data records, to give them a better understanding of your customer base, so by using MeetPAT to define specific audiences, you can improve the effectiveness of your Google targeting.

Google Customer Matching

If their user data matches your customer data, then you can either serve ads to these customers, or you can ask Google to create an audience for you based on these known users characteristics.

Usually, when you upload your customer list, its only “distinctive” feature is that everybody on it has bought something from you. There’s no unifying metric that ties customers to each other. Which means they will all have different other characteristics and needs.

When you’re running a campaign for your own customers on Google, this still works to an extent. (They know they need your product after all.) But if you’re making lookalike segments from a seed list, your data won’t be accurate enough.

Customer Match Lists With MeetPAT

With MeetPAT, you can filter your enriched customer lists into any combination of demographics and save them as a unique customer list. For example, “Married, Females in their 30’s that live in Gauteng.”

Uploading these customer lists into Google will let you generate lookalike audiences that are significantly more accurately targeted. This also lets you build ad campaigns which speak directly to specific segments of your audience.

You can do the same thing if you’re targeting existing customers instead, with smaller, more focused campaigns with higher retention and conversion rates.

The image below shows a comparison between traditional customer match list targeting, and MeetPAT’s segmenting functionality.

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