Upload your customers name and mobile number or email address and gain access to a Dashboard that provides you with insights into who your customers really are.

Where do you get this information?

We integrate with 3rd party data bureaus whose consumer databases contain a range of different information relating to your customer base. When we send through your customers name, mobile/email we match your customers data with their databases of 25 – 30 million consumers, and they return this enriched data to us.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data Enrichment is the process of adding additional information about a customer to the information that you already have.

This involves not only adding additional data, but also verifying the data you already have.

You might know their name and phone number, but now you’ll know where they live, what age and gender they are, and more, in a completely anonymised and POPI compliant way.

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Is it POPI Compliant?

We don’t receive, or provide, any personally identifiable information whatsoever. All data is completely anonymised and used only for the purpose of audience analysis and segment targeting. No individual person can be specifically advertised to, nor can any demographic data be linked to a specific individual.

Enriched data cannot be retrieved in human-readable format nor linked back to any specific individual in the customer database.

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What is the Match Rate?

The match rate refers to the percentage of entries that are able to be matched to the data providers databases.

Match rate is dependent on the data that you upload, and for the best results, we recommend providing the first name, mobile number and email address are supplied, as this combination of supplied data results in the highest match rate.

Excluding the mobile number will result in a lower match rate, as people frequently have multiple email addresses. At least the first name needs to be provided as well, to cross-check against recycled mobile numbers as well.

Individual match rates will depend on the availability of matching data from the data providers databases.

How Often Do You Update Data?

People are always relocating, buy homes, getting married, or changing their income levels. Because data is continuously changing, we are constantly retrieving data from our providers. in order to ensure that your data is kept up to date.

Your data will be checked against the data providers on a quarterly basis (after your first upload.)

More regular updates are available on request, but please note these would incur a fee from the data bureaus.

How Accurate Is Enriched Data?

Enriched data depends on the accuracy and currency of the consumer database, and can vary based on a number of factors, and especially how recently a contact has engaged with services such as credit bureaus etc. For example, groups whose data (such as cell phone numbers) tends to change frequently (like lower LSM groups) will tend to have a lower confidence level than high LSM groups which tend to keep the same contact information.

MeetPAT matches the industry standard with confidence levels of around 70% for lower LSMs and up to 85% for higher ones.

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