In today’s highly competitive business landscape, successful marketing isn’t just about getting your message out there; it’s about delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. MeetPAT gives you the tools to create highly targeted Custom Audiences for use in both your online and offline marketing strategies.

Turn Your Customer Database Into Custom Audiences

Upload your customer database and we’ll enrich this information with demographic data retrieved from POPIA compliant 3rd party data providers to generate a Know Your Audience Dashboard for you.

From here, you’ll get a birds eye overview of who your customers really are.

To create your custom audiences, simply select any data point on the dashboard, (for example “Woman”), and then carry on segmenting the data by adding any of the other data points (for example, the Branch they bought from, or where they live) to your filter to create this custom Audience.

As you filter through the data and create custom audiences, we’ll update your data visualisation so you can see the number of customers that fit into that audience.

You can filter your data by the following metrics, along with any of the different business insights you upload to MeetPAT for added segmentation. Find out more about the benefits of using custom audiences.

Custom Audience Examples

Women who earn more than R40k, and own a home and car.

Women, aged 30 – 40 that buy from your Gauteng stores.

Married men in LSM8 LSM10 who don’t own a property.

Indian men living in Durban with a household income of R10 – 20k.

Customers who have bought from your store via your Facebook ads.

People aged 60+ that purchased medical aid in 2022, and live in Cape Town.

Custom Audience Data

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