MeetPAT provides marketers with the ability to more efficiently optimise their client campaigns, and increase the value of their client offering.

No matter what kind of marketing or advertising services you offer your clients, understanding who their customers are will improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

And if you market online, the MeetPAT Know Your Audience Dashboard is critical for reaching the right audience. Learn More 

Additional Benefits For Online Agencies

If you’re using Customer Matching with your Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube advertising, MeetPAT can help.

The POPI Act makes it challenging  for clients to share their customer data with you for the purposes of Customer Matching or Look-a-like Audiences.

MeetPAT allows your customers to upload anonymised data, which you can log in and dashboard without needing access to personally identifiable information in compliance with relevant legislation.

No need to liaise with Business Intelligence teams to generate customer lists, you can do it all yourself from inside the MeetPAT interface.

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