Optimise your Meta, Facebook, Instagram, Google & YouTube Ads

Optimise your Ads

Now that you know who your customers are, you can optimise your Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and Youtube advertising with ease. 

To start with, you’ll need to link your Google and Facebook ad accounts with MeetPAT.

Then you’ll use the Know Your Audience Dashboard to segment your customer database into custom audiences. For example black women in their 30’s that live in Gauteng and are married.

You’ll save this custom audience in MeetPAT, and at the click of a button these custom lists will be available in Meta or Google.

Now all you need to do is log-in to your ad accounts, choose the Custom Audiences that you created in MeetPAT, and start optimising your advertising campaigns.

How It Works

When your customers sign up with Meta & Google, they use their mobile number and email address for verification.

When you integrate MeetPAT with these platforms and create an audience, we’ll pass this data into their platforms.

You can either serve ads to these people, exclude them, or make use of the various platforms expanded/lookalike audiences.

Finding New Audiences

To find a new audience, the platforms compare your customers data to their data, and make use of their advanced targeting algorithms to find lookalike users.

MeetPAT lets you improve on this process by specifying targeted groups of your customers for better optimisation. You can also segment your data to create campaigns relevant to each group.

Make the best use of your advertising budget by knowing who your audience is, and targeting the right customers both online and offline.

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