Meta offers a wide range of targeting options to help you choose the right customers to advertise to, and uploading your own first party customer data is one of the most powerful, because it lets Meta match your data with theirs in order to get a more accurate understanding of who your customer base is.

By segmenting your data with MeetPAT, you can improve the effectiveness of your paid ads and boosts..

Your Customers & Meta Matching

Meta matches with their users by comparing your customers mobile number & email with the details of users on all their platforms. If the data matches then you can either serve ads to these customers, or you can use your customer base as the foundation of Lookalike audiences.

When you upload your customer list though, it’s a broad cross-section of users. The only thing you know they have in common is they all buy from you.

It still works for targeting existing customers, but your “Lookalike” audiences will be skewed in comparison to MeetPAT’s Custom Audience building.

Build A Truly Custom Audience

MeetPAT gives you the tools to create Custom Audiences from any combination of the data we can enrich your customer lists with, from the gender and marital status of your customers to their age bracket and where they live. See the available demographic options.

When you upload one of these custom audiences to Meta, the Lookalike audience they create will be a lot more targeted, which will result in ad campaigns with a much higher probability of targeting the right customers.

At the same time, if you’re running campaigns for existing customers, you can create custom campaigns for each segment you turn into an audience, based on who they are.

Below, you can see the differences between the traditional customer list strategy and how MeetPAT has changed the way it works.

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