Before you can begin gaining access to your customer insights, you need to upload your customer database to MeetPAT.

MeetPAT is POPIA compliant and conforms with both Google & Meta’s GDPR Requirements. Click here to learn more.

To begin, you’ll need to provide a list of at least your customers first name and mobile number and/or email addresses to MeetPAT, by uploading a CSV file with your customer information.

This data is then cross-checked against consumer databases by POPIA compliant data providers who enrich this data, by adding all the information you’ll find on your Know Your Audience Dashboard. (For example, where they live, their demographic data, LSM levels and more.)

Learn more about how you can add your own custom data to MeetPAT for additional insights.

You will upload your customer name & cell number to MeetPAT.

We will match your customers data to consumer databases with over 24 million records.

You will access your Know Your Audience dashboard online to view your customer data.

You can filter your data into audiences & easily upload them directly into Facebook & Google.

Know Your Audience Dashboard