Every Advertising Professional who manages both online and offline advertising in South Africa needs MeetPAT to help them make strategic decisions on who to target for the most effective marketing strategies.

MeetPAT Integrates & Optimises

How It Works

Add your customers name & mobile number and/or email to MeetPAT, and gain access to an Interactive Dashboard that can break down exactly who your customers are, where they live, if they’re home owners,  married, their LSM group, and so much more. And it’s all POPI Compliant too.

To enhance the data in your dashboard, you can add your own data as well. Upload information like the store a customer purchased from, the last time they purchased, the source of marketing, the products they purchased and more. 

Strategic Benefits

Knowing who your customers are helps in many ways, here are just a few:

  1. Choose the right channels to advertise on, both online and off.
  2. Create custom content specifically for your target audience.
  3. Spend advertising budget on the people most likely to engage with your brand.
  4. Be seen more often by the customers that matter.
  5. Increase your ROI.

Creating Custom Audiences

Inside the MeetPAT dashboard you can segment your customer data by simply filtering the data based on the criteria you want.  

For example, you can choose to view all your customers who are Female, that live in Gauteng, and are Married to see how many there are, and at the same time learn more about them. You’d be able to see:

  1. What age they are.
  2. Where in Gauteng they live.
  3. What their approximate household income is.
  4. If they own a property, & how many.
  5. What population group they’re part of.

Segment your customer base to make data driven strategic marketing decisions.

Optimising Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube

Each of these platforms allows you to upload your customer base so that you can either serve ads to those customers, exclude them, create lookalike audiences, or use the data to enhance automation.

The traditional approach has always been to upload all your customers, use the same creative for them, and “spray and pray.”

MeetPAT lets you be far more strategic. You can choose the right audience, create the right content, and improve your budget allocation to increase your ROI.

At the same time, when you upload a Custom Audience to these platforms and make use of their functionality to find new / similar customers, a more targeted list will increase your match rate, since Facebook knows all the married women who live in Gauteng.

Once you’ve connected your Facebook & Google accounts to MeetPAT, you just save the Custom Audience and upload it to these platforms with the click of a button.

Now you can log in to these platforms, and advertise to your chosen Custom Audiences.

The MeetPAT Dashboard

Data in these examples includes additional anonymised information for your dashboard retrieved by our proprietary system from audited, POPIA compliant bureaus to create a data visualisation of your customers.