As a Meta Marketer or Page Manager, it’s crucial to make sure you’re advertising / boosting to
your ideal customer demographic.

Facebook & Instagram have various ways to help you reach a specific audience, but combining these with MeetPAT can make them exponentially more powerful.

How It Works

  1. You upload your customer database to MeetPAT, and through our integration with various data bureaus, we generate a POPIA compliant dashboard that will tell you exactly who your existing clients are.
  2. From here, you can create Custom Audiences based on your actual customer database, for example, one could be for black women, who live in Gauteng, earn more than R40k, and own a home.
  3. Once you’ve created and saved a custom audience, you can click a button in your MeetPAT interface to automatically add this custom and highly targeted audience to Meta.
  4. Once you log in to your Meta Account, the custom audience will be available either for advertising to them, creating lookalike audiences from it, or to exclude them from your targeting. (We also integrate with Google Ads.)

Using Meta’s Targeting

Thanks to MeetPAT, you can now choose the exact audiences based on an existing customer base of people you know buy from you. For example, you can now choose women over men, or target specific age groups that generate the most sales etc. and start optimising your ads and posts more effectively.

Lookalike Audiences

Meta generates lookalike audiences by matching your customer data with its user data. By taking advantage of MeetPAT’s “data enrichment,” you’ll be supplying far more detailed information, which means your match rate will be considerably higher.

See The Benefits

This image shows how Meta clients benefit greatly by creating custom audiences with Meta.

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